hosted by: John Dockins
hosted by: John Dockins

11 Tools I Use The Most In My Business

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Show Notes

Welcome to episode 19 of Websites Made Simple podcast where we are covering 11 Tools I Use The Most In My Business!

In this episode of Websites Made Simple Podcast I am going to provide a little glimpse behind the curtain of my business and let you know the 11 tools I use the most in my business are and why I use them.

These are not the once in a while type of tools. Nope. These are the tools I use daily or at least multiple times per week. Frankly, this is the list of tools that I would find it very challenging to run my business without.

You'll Learn


Basic Elements

1. 1Passworrd

1Password is the easiest way to store and use strong passwords. Log in to sites and fill forms securely with a single click. I’ve been using this application for well over 10 years now and I can say with certainty, they keep it current and always secure.

The information you store in 1Password is encrypted, and only you hold the keys to decrypt it. 1Password is designed to protect you from breaches and other threats, and they work with other security experts to make sure the code is rock solid. Worried they might see your data or passwords? Don’t be. 1Password cannot see anything you put in the app so they can’t use it, share it, or sell it.

Have a family? Use 1Password across all family members and if you want, create several vaults that keep your kids passwords in a different location than say all the passwords you have for online bill payments or other locations you might not want your kids to access. They make it easy to create multiple vaults and control who has access to them.

I use this all the time for personal and business.

2. GSuite

Well it is hard to imagine doing much these days without email. But for me, GSuite delivers across the board for email, Drive, and the host of other apps like Docs and Sheets.

Drive is paramount for my business because rather than storing documents and files locally on my business computers or network, they all get stored securely in the Google Cloud within Drive. We have shared folders for different team members to access and use and we are diligent about keeping the structure well organized.

This way when we are traveling or with clients and need that one extra file to showcase something it is not a problem. Plus, GSuite is super easy to setup and integrate into your WordPress site. 

3. Tailwind App

Tailwind is my app of choice to schedule all my pins on Pinterest. Sure, there are plenty of scheduling tools out there, and frankly, they’re all about the same at the core. But for me, the $10/month fee for Tailwind is worth every penny.

You might be thinking, Pinterest? Where is FB or Instagram? Well, Pinterest has time and time again proven it is one of the best, FREE, ways to generate more traffic to your website or blog.

Don’t believe me?

If you are thinking that Pinterest is a social media platform then I am challenging you to think differently. Pinterest is a search and data application. People go to Pinterest and what is the first thing they do? Type in a search. In this way it is similar to any internet browser. 


I use Tailwind to schedule hundreds of pins in one sitting. It is easy to use, has a really good scheduler and smart loops to keep reposting your best-performing pins on an interval you chose. Look, if you want more traffic to your website and you are not growing your audience on Pinterest, then you should start today and while you are at, make it easier on yourself and use Tailwind.

4. Convertkit

“The money is in your list”. Ever heard that before? If not, it simply means the money you can earn in your business is equivalent to your subscriber list.

Why? Because despite all the technology, marketing hacks, and media noise, your email list is still by far the least expensive way to grow your business revenue. And to have a list you need to keep it somewhere and that is Convertkit.

Now, once you have a list, how do you email them without violating any issues that would mean your emails are flagged as spam and never reach your intended audience? You must have an email marketing system.

Convertkit comes at a starting price of around $30/month and the price grows based on the number of subscribers. And for that price, you get the ability to create landing pages, email sign up forms, easy to use email designer, email automation, and plenty of integrations to connect to your other favorite tools…like Elementor page builder.

Simply put, you gotta have an email marketing software to build a list and email them. Sure you could use Mailchimp to start because it is free, but if you are like most, you will soon outgrow Mailchimp’s functionality for the cost and you will have the fun of converting your list over to something better, like Convertkit.

So save yourself the headache later and just start with Convertkit now.

5. Glorify

Back in episode 15, I covered Glorify in detail. If you missed that episode I would highly recommend you go back and listen as there are some amazing features coming soon along with a very limited Lifetime Pricing Deal.

However, if you are short on time, this is the Canva replacement. It has many more features for the price and I use it multiple times a week to create images for social posts and websites. 

Want an easy way to remove backgrounds from images without the hassle of learning Photoshop? No problem. Glorify’s BG Remover works fantastic and it is as simple as dragging over the areas you want to keep in green, then dragging over the areas you don’t want in red. Then let the magic happen.

But of course, it has a huge library of text, images, and icons you can use without the hassle of paying extra. If you create images for your business, then please give Glorify a look and you will not be disappointed.

6. RankMath SEO Plugin

I’ve spoke about RankMath before but this plugin is the SEO plugin. Using Yoast today? Sure it has more installs as it has been around far longer, but don’t let that fool you.

Here is the real prize. All the features you get from the paid version of Yoast, you get for free with RankMath. Yep. Free. 

7. Elementor Page Builder

Want to know how I build webpages and entire websites quickly, while ensuring best practices from web design, security, and SEO are all taken care of? Well tool #7 goes to Elementor Pro.

I use it on all my websites and it makes designing and building much easier. There is a free version and pro version which is the paid version. This is one paid version I highly recommend because the extra features you get are well worth it in the long run to build the website of your dreams.

There are too many features to list here so instead, just visit the Elementor site for all the latest news and widgets.

8. Wave App

This one might be less sexy, but that doesn’t stop it from being in my top tools I use all the time. Wave Financial app is awesome and frankly, the free version works great. 

They even have a mobile app to help track invoices and payments. 

This is a much easier software to learn than say Quickbooks, but yet still offers one-time and recurring invoices, integrates with all major payment solutions to collect revenue, and of course, it covers all the basics of smart accounting for your business.

If you are tracking your money in and out of your business then please start now. Wave is a great free place to start and will seamlessly integrate with your business bank accounts.

9. ManageWP

If you have one website or several and you are looking for an easy way to monitor the site and automatically update plugins, themes, and WordPress then one free option is ManageWP

However, the real benefit of this is when you have multiple websites you need to maintain because of the 1-click admin and dashboard. If you are looking for a time saver in managing and monitoring multiple sites, then take ManageWP for a spin.

10. Buzzsprout

If you are listening to this podcast episode right now, then you might start to understand the need and benefit of Buzzsprout

If you are not aware, to host a podcast you need a place to put those episode audio files and have them distributed to all the podcast directories like Apple Podcast and Spotify. There are a couple of really good podcast hosts on the market but I really love Buzzsprout because of the ease of use.

Besides just hosting the files, they make it easy to get registered on all the podcast directories you want and they offer some pretty good stats…given that there are really no good methods to get in-depth stats for any podcast today…but that is for another day.

Bottom line, if you are looking to start a podcast then I recommend Buzzsprout and it is what I use every week.

11. Updraft+ Backup Plugin

Rounding out my top 11 tools I use the most in my business is Updraft+ backup and restore plugin. On the surface do I use this every week manually? No. But that is because I have it set to do everything for me on a set schedule.

To ensure I have the most security possible for my sites, I do a full site backup daily with multiple increment backups during the day. I have the schedule set in the plugin on my WordPress websites and I let it do its thing. This includes moving all the backup files to off-site storage for safekeeping. 

Speaking of off-site storage, Updraft+ makes this easy and provides many options to choose from. Personally I use AWS because of the amount of backups and websites I maintain. However, if you are using GSuite like I mentioned earlier, you could integrate Updraft_ right into Google Drive and let it keep your files safe.

Just remember, it is not IF your website gets hacked, it is WHEN. So plan for that by having a solid backup strategy.


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I am a proud affiliate of some of these tools. That means if you click the links and then make a purchase of those products, I will earn a small commission. Affiliate links absolutely do not cost you anything additional. 

All of the affiliate links are clearly marked for your benefit. Please know that I recommend these products and chose to be an affiliate because I truly  believe in them, use them, and know they work.

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