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Starting a website

Technology scares me, can I really build my own site?

Oh yes! Like many things in life it just comes down to learning step-by-step. I’m willing to bet that there is something you know today that when you look back on it you might have been equally scared. But today you are totally comfortable and have that “I got this” attitude.

If you know how to “drag-and-drop” you can build your own site. Let me show you how.

Does my theme really matter that much?

Absolutely! All themes are not created equal and the one you chose can make a huge difference not only on the ease of use and visual aspect of your site, but the wrong theme can destroy your page load speed.

Some themes are just loaded with extra or bad code and will have a huge negative impact on your site. This is why I recommend Astra theme. It will not slow your site down, is easy to use, and gives you all the features you need.

Why WordPress and not those other Content Management Systems?

There are many reasons why WordPress is my go to platform, but the most important is simply market share. With WP accounting for ~60% of all content management systems (CMS) it should not be a surprise that there are endless options and capabilities for your website. For comparison, the 2nd most popular CMS only makes up for ~5%. You can check the latest market share stats here.


Will you be a guest on my podcast?

Obviously, I love podcast interviews! Although I can’t say yes to every request, I do seriously consider all invitations. Use the form below and select “I want to interview John on my podcast.”

Can I be a guest on your podcast?

I am always happy to consider new guests for the Entrepreneur’s Website Podcast, especially if you used the techniques I teach to help you grow your business. Use the contact form below and select “I am a John Dockins success story and want to share it.”

Please keep in mind that the best guests are those who can share specific, actionable techniques that will help my audience start and/or grow their businesses.

Will you be my mentor or coach?

I am honored that you believe in me that much. So that I can help the largest number of people, I can’t take on individuals at this time.

However, there are special occasions where I do open the doors for a few select people to get private coaching sessions. If you are interested in this, the best thing to do is to subscribe to my email list to be alerted of the opportunity.

Please keep in mind the number of emails Team Dockins receives is crazy!  We do our best to answer all emails timely but we ask for your patience if you decide to email us directly.

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