hosted by: John Dockins
hosted by: John Dockins

Glorify App Review

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Show Notes

Welcome to episode 15 of Websites Made Simple podcast where we are covering Glorify App Review – Better Than Canva!

In this episode of Websites Made Simple Podcast I am covering an image tool that you simply must know about as it will make your business life easier.

Have you ever struggled with removing backgrounds from your images? Maybe it’s an image of yourself you want to place on your website or even a product image you are selling. Removing backgrounds can be a royal pain, but not with this app.

What about all those images you need for the socials? Facebook, Insta (stories and feed), youtube, and on and on. All different sizes. What if there was an app that automagically resized your designs instantly? Wouldn’t that be awesome? Well, this app can do that.

Selling a lot of products and want those cool annotations on your images to highlight certain features? No problem. What about importing any image, customizing the text, icons, and backgrounds, and then with one-click rebrand it with your business color scheme.

Do I have your attention yet? No this is not Canva. And frankly, this app blows Canva away on ease of use and features. Want to know what this app is…well stick around and I will give all the details including how to get a Life Time Deal (LTD) to the new and improved 2.0 version coming soon.

Let’s get after it.

You'll Learn


Basic Elements

The Glorify App

What is it? Cloud-based design software that helps businesses create stunning visuals to mesmerize their audiences. Create stunning images within minutes. Pick a template from a large and growing library. Add an image to the template (images from the library or your own).

Brand it with your business color palette
Edit the text and pick the font you want to use. Add a background and use special effects to make it just right.

Special Effects

The background remover is worth it by itself. Drag over your part you want to keep with a green line. Drag over the parts you want to be removed with a red line.

And that is it. If you do need to make fine adjustments you can do that as well for things like cropping around people or pets with a lot of hair/fur.

Create realistic shadows with one click.  You can add shadows to images that make it really stand out.

Reflections like shadows, if you want to create a reflection of the image, no problem. Again a single click creates the reflection and then simply resize and place it where you want it.

Three super easy and built-in tools.

Annotate tool. This is amazing for those images you want to highlight features on
Simply pick the annotation style, point to the feature you want to highlight, add frames that magnify that section, and finally add your text.

Logo maker

This is one of the features that is OK if you need a quick logo. It does the job but where this does really help is by setting your preferred colors and text. Once created it is super easy to apply to all of your images as a way to keep everything on-brand.

Another one of the best features is the Smart Resize.

This feature is amazing. I use this all the time. For me, it usually starts with creating the featured image that I will place on a webpage.

And by the way, this is also important to have for each post as you can customize the alt-text, set as the default image for social posts when people share your webpage, and get a little boost to your on-page SEO.

Once I have that image designed the way I like, I simply use the Smart Resize to create a similar image for Insta, FB, Pinterest, etc. Sometimes you will need to make some small adjustments, but man does this one-click feature save a ton of time.

No longer do you have to create an entirely new image or do a bunch of copy/paste. Hit the smart resize and you are good to go.

Seriously, if you are spending too much time creating different sized images for all the locations you want to post something, you need this tool.

Glorify has thought through how to make things easier by putting things into Niches and Themes.

You can search on things like Beauty, Kitchen, Retro, Food & Drink, Spring and it will pull up an entire design set.

This design set will have several templates for all the needed image sizes and they look amazing.

Here is a list of current features and then I want to talk about what is coming very soon.

  • Ecommerce templates
  • Social media templates
  • Product templates for Amazon resellers
  • Smart Resize
  • BG Remover
  • Logo Maker
  • Ebook Templates
  • 1-click brand application
  • Annotate tool
  • Effects & Filters
  • 2 Million Free Stock images
  • This includes human and pet models, icon bundles, background locations, objects, and desk scenes
  • Niche and Categories
  • Template bundled kits

Those are worth the price of this app, but version 2.0 is coming very soon and it will add:

  • Packaging Designer for all you product sellers out there
  • Realistic Mockups
  • 3D Viewer
  • Capture 3D views of your products at any angle, render them live, and then add them to your designs
  • Animated Product Images
  • And more

And lastly, if you ever needed help, they have a ton of learning videos and blog posts that walk you through everything. But honestly, I don’t think you need it from a learning perspective but they are great to see what really can be done with Glorify. I have found Glorify to be really intuitive and simple to use.


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