hosted by: John Dockins
hosted by: John Dockins

How To Hire a Brand Photographer

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Welcome to episode nine of Websites Made Simple podcast where we are discussing How to hire a brand photographer.

Maybe you are looking to break away from those terrible stock images you see everyone and really make your website your own. Or maybe you are looking to up your social game or get some really great headshots for your marketing bio for future speaking engagements.

But where do you start? Who do you get to help you and how do you even begin to figure out what to look for in a professional?

Well, Kamron Khan joins me today and she is dropping some serious knowledge bombs on us. We cover everything from researching a professional, what to ask in the initial consultation call, what to expect on the day of the shoot and so much more. 

Please join us as we dive into this topic and learn how you can level up your own brand.

Today's Guest

Kamron Khan

Kamron Khan is a self taught, award winning and published photographer and business owner with 9 years of experience. She specializes in personal branding for entrepreneurs as well as corporate headshot and event photography. She is also co-founder of CoCreative, a branding and marketing agency in Cleveland, OH.

She is a mentor and educator for new photographers that are ready to turn their passion into a profitable and respected business, and volunteers in her own community by donating photography services to several organizations throughout the year.

Kamron is focused on building a business that works around her first priority – her family. She has built a beautiful life with her husband of 10 years, Saud, who is her biggest supporter, and together they are navigating it together with 2 kids in tow.

Kamron Khan

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Don't Forget

Once you have those beautiful personal brand images and you are ready to put them to use on your website…don’t forget to optimize them for fast page loads.

You should crop the images to the correct size for your webpage and you need to compress them as well. Not sure how to do this? No problem I got you covered. Head over to my Tools Page and check out the resources available. 

Want to use those images for more than your website? 

Do you constantly wish you could hire a graphic designer for your social posts and product imagery? The good ones are expensive…The affordable ones are not as talented as you’d like…Can’t find a happy medium?

Start creating beautiful, high converting product images with just a few clicks!

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