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hosted by: John Dockins
hosted by: John Dockins

Websites Made Simple with John Dockins

Weekly tips, strategy, and advice for building & leveraging your website to maximize your business.


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Websites Made Simple with John Dockins

do you need a privacy policy

WMS 007: Do you need a privacy policy?

Today we cover the basic legal policies you need to protect your website and your business. If you are like me then you might have just let out a collective “ugh” as this stuff is not sexy. But please, heed this warning from someone who has seen so many people and websites get into very fast trouble for avoiding this.

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wordpress basics

WMS 006: WordPress Basics

In this episode we are going to cover WordPress Basics. That is the difference between and .com, themes, and plugins. What are they and how you should choose the right ones?

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top 7 mistakes to avoid when building a website

WMS 004: Top 7 Mistakes To Avoid When Building A Website

In this episode I cover the top 7 mistakes to avoid when building a website. I see these repeated over and over again from entrepreneurs and small business owner when building their own site. Stay ahead of the competition by learning from these mistakes and build your website right, the first time.

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websites made simple podcast

WMS 003: June WordPress Vulnerabilities

In this episode I cover June 2020 WordPress Core, plugin, and theme security vulnerabilities. Each one we talk about is classified as Critical, High, Medium, or Low risks. And lastly, I will let you know if the issues have been resolved and whether or not you should update to the latest release.

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