hosted by: John Dockins
hosted by: John Dockins

WMS 001: Introduction

Weekly tips, strategy, and advice for building & leveraging your website to maximize your business.


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Show Notes

Welcome to the first episode of Websites Made Simple! 

If you want to build, launch, and maintain your own website then you are in the right place. My passion is helping others and I want to help as many entrepreneurs as possible get the website you deserve.

No online business cards. Not here. Together we will discuss how you can have a beautiful website AND one that converts. So whether you are in need of an education, non-profit, or e-commerce website, tune in each week to learn how you can maximize your #1 digital asset.

You'll Learn


Hello and welcome to episode number one of the websites Made Simple podcast where we discuss how you can build, launch and maintain your own website, a website that works for you.

I'm your host John Dockins and today is the introduction of an intro to the show as well as who I am. I am so excited to start this journey with you and that you decided to tune into this very first episode. Let's just jump straight in and not waste any time.

First off what is the show about and who is it for. This show was created for the non-techie entrepreneur where I will reveal all my website and online business strategies income sources and killer marketing tips so that you can be ahead of the pack with your website and online business. You will discover your own website so that you have the time and freedom to focus on what you love I will provide a straightforward and easy step-by-step approach to teaching and educating while sharing my wins losses and all the lessons in between. You also learn how to build a story online using content management systems like WordPress, email marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, Niche sites, social media strategies, increasing your website traffic, so that you can create something amazing without burning yourself out. You can see we have a lot to cover and no shortage of topics.

I want to help entrepreneurs have the website you deserve. That means not just having a beautiful online brochure or business card I'm talking about having a beautiful looking website but also having one that delivers on the intent of having a website in the first place. That might be to educate your audience about a specific topic if you have an educational site or perhaps the site needs to convert browsers into paying customers if you have an online business eCommerce or simply selling items online. The goal doesn't matter, what does matter is that you understand what your primary needs are for your website and you build it that way from the start. So if you are an entrepreneur and online business owner or maybe you want to start a website or website but it's not working or not what you wanted to be today then you're in the right place my friends and I am glad you were here. So if this is you then please consider subscribing.

Speaking of future episodes I want to provide a preview of topics that we will be covering. If you are just getting started or you are ready to build your own website then you're going to want to tune into the next episodes. I also covered knowing the different types of websites and how to pick the perfect one for you and your future business. We will also cover things like how to protect your website from getting hacked and to ensure your site remain secure as well as ensuring you have the latest news on security vulnerabilities in WordPress plugins and themes so that you know what action you need to take and when to take it. Speed matters, how to optimize your website performance is critical. It's critical for the importance of Google and your customers. How many times have you caught yourself while on your mobile device clicked on the link tried to load a website it was too slow and simply did not wait and hit the back arrow and pick the next link. Speed matters my friend. Speaking of Google we will of course cover SEO search engine optimization. Yes it can be a complicated topic and some make it way more complicated than it needs to be so my promise to you as we will cover this topic in a simple and straightforward way where you can take immediate action and also know what matters the most. Of course we will cover all design things like how to create a landing page and all the things in between. So if you want to learn how to build, launch and maintain your own website then you are in the right place.

Before we go any further I want to make a promise to you. I promise to make it simple and take that step-by-step approach each and every episode. A bit of a warning, simple may not be easy. They are different and it will take work to get the website you want. We will not use technobabble and it will be straightforward advice and tips that you can understand. I promise not to waste a minute of your time.

You're probably wondering who I am. First and most importantly I am a family man. I'm married to my high school sweetheart and I am the proud father of our one daughter who the adopted several years ago. They are my rocks. My light during the storm and they will always remain my top priority.

Professionally however I'm the owner of a successful web design agency and I am currently ranked in the top 500 designers in the world. My first website was created over two decades ago and I know what it takes to create a successful website.

But before all of that my early days included several years in the US Navy where I was responsible to maintain the onboard computer systems. Although I have no regrets of serving my country and serving with some of the best people that I know, I was always thinking there must be more I can do. And if I'm completely honest I wasn't exactly the best of following orders. After I left the military my time included companies like Toyota, Alaska Airlines, and even Kaiser Permanente but again at each turn I felt like I was meant for more. I wanted to leave something behind besides just my time.

So I made the leap and started my own business. Not really knowing what business to start I first turned to one of my first loves, art. As a kid I was always drawing and sketching and I missed it so I looked to start a company of logo design. However it's important that you understand that a lot of mistakes were made. There Still Remains one primary challenge, I am limited by the amount of hours in a day.

So a new business is taking shape in this podcast and over at my new website That is where you will find all available future podcast show notes and tons of product reviews and tools that will help you with design, web hosting, email marketing, and so much more.

Before I end this introduction episode, I want to leave you with this...that is you can do this. There are tools out there that will make building a website as simple as drag and drop. If you can operate a smartphone, I promise you you can build, launch, and maintain your own website and I can show you how.

So if you are just getting started go please subscribe to the show. Thank you for listening. Thank you for subscribing and I will see you in the next episode. Bye for now.


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Created for the non-techie entrepreneur, John Dockins reveals all of his website and online business strategies, income sources and killer marketing tips so that you can be ahead of the pack with your website and online business. 

Self proclaimed “coffee addict”, you’ll learn how to build authority online using content management systems like WordPress, email marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, and much more so that you can create something amazing without burning yourself out. 

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