hosted by: John Dockins
hosted by: John Dockins

WMS 006: WordPress Basics

Weekly tips, strategy, and advice for building & leveraging your website to maximize your business.


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Show Notes

Welcome to episode six of Websites Made Simple podcast where we are covering WordPress Basics

In this episode we are going to cover WordPress Basics. That is the difference between and .com, themes, and plugins. What are they and how you should choose the right ones?

If we compare a WordPress website to a car, the theme would be the exterior. It is what you visually see: the design, layout and colors. In essence, the theme takes all the information that is stored on your site (posts, pages, sidebars, etc.) and determines how to organize and display it to your visitors.

Likewise, a plugin would be all the add-on features like GPS, premium sound system, heated seats, etc. Plugins are essentially extensions of WordPress. They take the core WordPress software, and change, enhance, add, or remove functionality.

If you need help starting out, take a read and listen to episode 2, where I provide all the details you need to get started. PLUS, there is a free guide created just for you to help out.

Check it out!

Here are 7 key factors you should consider when picking your theme and plugins. A must when learning WordPress Basics.

  1. Responsive design/mobile optimized. This is no longer optional. Mobile search in 2019 was 53.3% of all searches making a mobile optimized website a must.
  2. Web Browser compatibility. Your theme, and thus website, must show correctly regardless of the browser your visitor is using. Many themes will list browser compatibility but if not you can test this yourself and be sure to test on mobile devices as well.
  3. Plugin support. This is key as the real power for wordpress customization comes from plugins. Make certain your theme supports all popular plugins. If the theme site does not state it, you can always ask the developer of known conflicts.
  4. Page builder support. WordPress development has been simplified over the past couple of years greatly through the likes of Elementor, Divi, and Beaver Builder. There are many page builders out there and like themes they are not all equal – find one that supports one of these three.
  5. SEO – As mentioned, your theme plays a crucial role in your website performance and can generate bad code thus negatively impacting your site.
    Generally just look for documentation on the developers site that indicates their theme is SEO friendly.
  6. Support Options. A downside of using a free theme is that support is likely either not offered or you have to pay for it when needed. If using a free theme, look for well documented support articles, videos, and even community forums where you could get help if needed.
  7. Ratings, Installs, Last Update. When looking for a theme, you can also check the # of active installs. This can give an idea of how popular it is. In this case, popularity is a good thing. Like any other review or rating system look at the most recent reviews to indicate any current problems. Also critically important is how often the theme is updated. Make certain the theme is current with the latest release of WordPress.

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